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About Summer Film School

Summer Film School – A Brief History

Since 1964 the Summer Film School has aimed at widening the horizons of film clubs and other interested people (film club lectors, high school and university students) in the field of art film and different contexts of cinematography. During the 2000s the SFS experienced remarkable progress – from a seminar for film clubs it became the second largest movie event in the Czech Republic that is visited by thousands of primarily young filmgoers every year (about 5000 visitors in 2008 and again in 2009). The school has been organized by the Association of Czech Film Clubs.

Film personalities as Summer Film School guests

In 2008 the Summer Film School, under new management, returned to the original aim of instructing and educating not only in the field of Czech and world film history, but also in the cultural and social context of the art of cinematography. In addition, the festival introduces dozens of outstanding Czech and foreign directors, film critics, actors, scriptwriters, DOPs, and writers – in past years this included Václav Havel, Terry Gilliam, Terry Jones, Tom Stoppard, Michael Haneke, Ken Loach, Julio Medem, Amos Gitai, Juraj Jakubisko, Jan Švankmajer, Michel Khleifi, Veit Helmer, Jerzy Stuhr, Jaco Van Dormael, Raoul Servais, György Pálfi, VALIE EXPORT, Christian Berger, Mara Mattuschka, Jan Bucquoy, and Thierry Zéno, among others.

Back to “school”

The Summer Film School is not only a film festival, it also offers a systematic method of learning about film and through film. The program consists of series of thematic lectures (Film Actively!), master classes of prominent persons - e.g. Christian Berger (Film Lecture), workshops (Mini FAMU), seminars and discussion panels.

Uniqueness of the location – Uherské Hradiště

Uherské Hradiště lies in the heart south Moravia (3 hours from Prague, 2 hours from Vienna) and has a unique atmosphere with many sights related to the long history of the city (the region was settled in the paleolithic era, became a town in medieval times, and sports many baroque monuments). Uherské Hradiště offers the continuing traditions of ethnic dances, cymbal music, folk costumes and delicious wine. The city also has beautiful surroundings (Velehrad monastery, prehistorical village of Modrá, UNESCO city Olomouc) and offers all required comforts (**** hotels, excellent restaurants, acces to airports in Vienna or Prague).

This year's SFS will take place from July 23 through to August 1, 2010.



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