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This year you can also look forward to concerts of interesting bands and to presentations of current musical projects. Apart from the section Film and Live Music in the gloom of cinemas, we ale planning several concerts for the public. This year’s concerts will be held in Smetanovy Sady.

More about bands performing at the SFS 2010:

23.7. 2010: LU + Pavel Fajt and Tomáš Neuwerth Drum Session
24.7. 2010: Kolowrat + Allstar Refjúdží Band
25.7. 2010: Radio Wave DJ Sessions: Aleš Stuchlý + Honza Vávra
26.7. 2010: Kolib
27.7. 2010: Veena + WWW
28.7. 2010: Filmová Škola Zlín Night: Sto zvířat
29.7. 2010: Iowa Super Soccer + Please the Trees
30.7. 2010: La Chaconne / Requiem za Jacquesa Brela (Malá scéna Slováckého divadla)
30.7. 2010: Kill the Dandies! + Botanica
31.7. 2010: Night + Sunflower Caravan

Every day after the concerts you can look forward to after-parties with disc jockeys and their sets. More detailed schedule of the DJs can be found here.


Theatre tent KIOSEK will present lots of dramatic and musical performance of various genres. Polish theatre group Teatr Jednego Wierzsa and Hungarian Artus Goda company will be among important guests. The performances will be followed by dancing and DJ’s sets!

23.7. 2010: Divadlo DNO: Svět podle Fagi
24.7. 2010: Teatr Jednego Wiersza: Království
25.7. + 26.7. 2010: Divadlo na cucky - G. Flaubert – J. Žůrek: Mme Bovary
27.7. 2010: Divadlo Vosto5 – Stand‘artní kabaret
28.7. 2010: Divadlo Vosto5: Teatromat
29.7. 2010: Artus - Goda Gábor Company: Ephemer Works
30.7. 2010: Eva Vrbková, Anna Duchaňová – dvojvečer recitálů
31.7. 2010: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde + Narcotic fields
31.7. 2010: Jazzgang - koncert


The central exhibition of this year’s SFS is (with its extant absolutely unique) display of Czechoslovakia film poster, by the curators called UÁÁÁ: Czechoslovakian Film Poster 1959 – 1989.
More information about the exhibition that was created by 120 graphics and is presented in cooperation with film-posters shop Terry posters can be found here.

Visitors of the festival can also look forward to other exhibitions:

Roger Fritz: Rainer Werner Fassbinder ve fotografii
Ego aneb kuchařská kniha - obrazy Karla Vachka
Respekt: Milan Jaroš - Terapie beze slov, Matěj Stránský - Portréty z východního Konga
František Petrák - Zlatá doba
Fashion Paradise / Šaty ráje
Miroslav Pilát - Argentina 2009
Malík urvi II
Vzpomínat nebo zapomenout?: muzeum totality v Uherském Hradišti
Uchopíme pocit...
Otmar Oliva: Bytem v hrůze (kresby z vězení)

Bassta Fidli Nights

Forty DJs and live projects offer a unique chance to improve your physical shape while listening to percussive rhythm of zulu-house and uk funky, to unbend at Balkan brass bands, to meditate at pithy dubstep bass, to completely relax thanks to electro-bass wobbles and to get even with the continually accelerating pace of our society while listening to no less fast Dominican speed meringue. Free admission. Starts at 11PM. At club Mír.

23.7. 2010 Night: Denoir, Claviq, Noa?
24.7. 2010
City Surfer Night: Popper-C, Fremeni, Ticho de Beige, Dr. Deep & Mr. Throat, FH
25.7. 2010
Aport PAF Rave All Stars: Stool Chart (SK), Hopsa-sa (AT), Phd. (RU), Asebest (SK),...
26.7. 2010
Heavymental Night: Fuzzy Osbourne, Myslivec, Aschenblond (SK), Cat Flu
27.7. 2010
International Sound Night 1: Zhao (CHN/DE), Deus Ex Machina
(afro-electro/zulu house/dub)
28.7. 2010
International Sound Night 2: Al-Amdiez (FR) & Yukimura, Wodnyah, RadioBufera selektaz
29.7. 2010
Basstafidli Night: Przema, tvprodukt, už aj, Dr.Balkan, PSCrew
30.7. 2010 (begins at 0:00)
Owntempo Night: ANS, Side9000, Subject Lost
31.7. 2010
142bpm Night: Break!Fast (SK), Chi Chi (CAN) feat. Tete, Mokele Mbembe, Don Pedropoulos

Experts’ Accompanying Program

Experts’ Accompanying Program is an entire part of the SFS. Also this year many lectures, discussions, meetings and some workshops will be presented to the audience. Experts’ program is divided into several cycles – we continue in last year’s successful Film Lectures by…, Respekt Forum and Overwriting the Past. The novelty is extended Seminary of Digitalization and program Film Education. Advantage of the program concept is the experts present – guests (foreigners or Czechs) and agents of film institutions. Complete schedule of the Experts’ Program can be found here, links to its parts are below.

Respekt Forum
Overwriting the Past: Experts’ Program
Film Lessons
Profile lectures, meetings and discussions
FAMU at the SFS 2010
Scandinavian house at the SFS – program for the section Focus: Iceland
LUX prize and workshop: Say it aloud
Discussion and workshop about new conception of film education
Workshop of TV journalism with Jakub Železný
Digital cinema from A to Z

Children’s program

Children’s graphic workshops
Pimprle Theatre
Theatre for People: puppet workshop



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