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Daily news - 23.7.2010

News about the Summer Film School – from tomorrow every evening on ČT2.

First Vibrations

This year’s Summer Film School will not be officially started until tomorrow 6 PM, but indications of incoming swarming can be observed right now in streets of Uherské Hradiště. Structures that will become centers of absorption culture and refreshment have been constructed especially around Hvězda cinema. More often you can also meet groups of excited guests, crawling in tropical air from the railway station. Before the begun of the SFS 3320 film fans were accredited.

Tips for Friday

First projections of 36. SFS have been planed at 2:30 PM, among them the winner from Cannes 2006 The Wind Shakes the Barley by Ken Loach, one of impatiently estimated guests of this year’s SFS.
One of the guests has already come to Hradiště, at 4:30 PM at Hvězda cinema you can meet Roger Fritz, photographer, director and actor, who cooperated with R.W. Fassbinder. At first he will introduce the exhibition of photos from shooting Fassbinder’s films, then the epilogue of project Berlin, Alexanderplatz. From Iceland, which has its own section of films, Hrafn Gunnlaugsson has come. At 20:30 at Hvězda cinema he will present the first part of his Viking trilogy When the Raven Flies.
In the evening the section Film Noir will be started by presenting famous The Lady from Shanghai (9:30 PM at Sportovní hala), the first of eleven “football” films, Hungarian 6:3 will be presented at 3:30 PM at the same place.

RWF: the Energy of German Film

Twenty-eight years after his death, the German demon Rainer Werner Fassbinder (whose photo with a sign “hyperactivity can kill” should be on every coffee maker… and drug-hole) came to Hradiště. And not only by several films of his, but also thanks to high quality black and white photos, brought by his frequent co-worker Roger Fritz.
He has choicely picked them from approximately five hundred pieces and the whole aula of Hvězda cinema is now covered with them. During the vernissage, that was followed by projection of the final part of Fassbinder’s serial opus Berlin, Alexanderplatz, Fritz (among other stuff) mentioned, that we can notice RWF standing in two pictures in the same clothes, and said: “He was wearing the same clothes all the time… so it wasn’t very pleasant to stand next to him”. Today, however, we don’t have to be worried about faux pas while respectful watching.

The Viking Saga has begun

Iceland is popular this year, at the SFS too. Today one of the most successful Icelandic films was presented – it is one of the first that got from Iceland to European festival. When the Raven Flies, first of its Viking trilogy, was created by Hrafn Gunnlaugsson twenty-six years ago and he reminded how long time it is. “In those days I had enough inexperience to shoot such a film. I have changed since so much, that I wouldn’t even recognize myself”. You can meet Gunnlaugsson if you come to see his another film to Slovácke Theatre tomorrow at 11AM.

Svoboda about lack of freedom

At Slovácké Theater director Jiří Svoboda presented his unfortunately lost film Just About Family Affairs. Drama, demonstrating bitter background of political trials in the fifties was created in times of weakening of Czech communism, so the director (also thanks to his powerful position in Communist party) was allowed to depict things so freaky that till then couldn’t have been talked about. The film, however, got to the cinemas in times of stormy transformation of the society so, as Svoboda admits, nobody was simply concerned in it. The film was broadcasted on TV only once in twenty-one years.
Svoboda, though, gain some reassurance: he claims that to this day he keeps three foreign reviews saying that his film is better than reputable, similarly focused drama by famous Costa-Gavras The Confession.

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