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Daily news - 24.7.2010

TV news about the Summer Film School – every evening on channel ČT2. Today’s here.

Choleric Kadár, stoic Klos

The SFS is remembering about Slovak director Ján Kadár. Eleven his feature films will be presented, including his best – Death Is Called Engelchen and Shop on Main Street (holder of Academy Award). These were both created together with Elmar Klos. “Kadár was controlling everything, he was the head producer. Klos was his commentator, kibitz. And when Kadár emigrated to the USA, he was missing such a sparring partner” said Václav Macek about their roles in the cooperation during today’s lecture. Juraj Herz remarked on that: “Kadár was choleric and Klos was stoic. Kadár was never sure, he doubted all the time. Klos never doubted. He came and said what to do and how, which made Kadár get angry and do it the other way around. “

To honour the Romanian hell

Hardly could we find a better place to dedicate a monument that should remind of communistic monstrosity to the future generations than Hradiště – its reputation was also spoiled by “famous” prison (maybe if there were cinemas at Mírov – don’t mistaken with Mír).
Composition compounded (among others) by lectures, supplemented with slideshow, and several documentaries, created an image of foundation and working of prison in Sighet, north Romania, as well as transformation to the first memorial of its type in post-communist Europe. The program was introduced by its director Ioana Boca. She would be very glad if you decided to visit Sighet in person or at least virtually, through

Linder and Lealoo

Section Film and Live Music allows us connect pictures from the times long-ago with today’s emotions. Film grotesque Seven Years Bad Luck by French pioneer Max Linder, by Táňa Zabloudilová labeled as “absolutely comparable with Chaplin” during her introduction was accompanied by trip-hop quartet Lealoo. It’s of course very uncommon to watch a grotesque while listening to music defined as “dreamy downbeat, sometimes similar to Portishead and Heed”, but Linder would definitely called this fusion interesting. And maybe, if he had know that after eighty-five years after his death full Hvězda cinema would watch his work, he wouldn’t have cut his veins.

You can see Tarr In the Eye of the Whale

Before you meet Béla Tarr at a cinema in Uherské Hradiště, you can study his personality in the book V oku velryby (In the eye of the Whale). It was published by the ACFK and, thanks to that, you can buy it at Hvězda cinema at a reduction – for 150 crowns. This collection of texts about Tarra’s films can be used as recommended reading among his films. We will present all of them, starting with his debut Family Nest, which he made when he was 22 years old. His style, full of long shots, is recognizable also in this story of young married couple, dealing with housing problem.

It has begun

Approximately twenty-eight hours after the first projection of the SFS, the president of the ACFK Petr Korč said the sentence that started this year’s festival. Before that, a few (dozen) of thanks to the sponsors and cooperatives had to came through, some of them were invited to the stage and were surprised by periodically repeated question “what do you think of when hear Film Paradise”. According to Pavel Pednařík, it means “emotional, passionate, humorous, funny, provocative, inspiring… the proof is the four hundred films that will be presented during the SFS”.
And first of the “official films” has a chance to become one of the best, because it was phenomenal Mr. Hulot’s Holiday by Jaques Tati. What to add than: Playtime!

Parada of the biggest Czechs

The newest film by Robert Sedláček , that was presented at the SFS today – more than one month before its premiere, The Biggest of Czechs, is full of records, curiosities, bizarre performances and frustrated producers. The film-makers achieved admirable thing just by collecting enough money for the film. “Everybody praises a director’s debut, but to get money to shoot another picture is equally difficult” said the producer Radim Prochazka. “All our friends had to participate. Their honoraria are postponed, probably as well as was the leave of Russian soldiers” he added.

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