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Daily news - 25.7.2010

TV news about the Summer Film School – every evening on channel ČT2. Today’s here.

Together, even breathless

To support creative documentaries and cultural exchange between Czech Republic and Germany – that’s how project Breathless was created (based on dialogue between Czech and German film-makers). Results of the project were presented at Hvězda cinema today in the morning. The initiators have picked five films (out of more than 130 pictures) which will present project Breathless at the SFS. One of them is film illustration of diarial notations by a grandmother from Zbraslav I Love My Boring Life by Jan Gogola Jr., a patriot of Uherské Hradiště.

Jungle of the Nineties

Decade near and distant at the same time is reminded in section Wild Nineties, whose major principal Jaroslav Sedláček said: “Our goal wasn’t to compile it from the best films, but from the extreme ones”.
Apart from presented films, his lecture Transformation of Czechoslovakia Cinematography in the Nineties could help to look in the dynamic times of the decade. It properly charts the term from relaxing in the beginning of the revolution, across the wilderness of (post)privatizing times (filled by disillusion of older film-makers, whose lack of freedom was only changed from ideological to economic, as well as by simplicity of new producers-businessmen) and through the wars of Barrandov to these days.
Thanks to the fact that Sedláček charted (apart from sociological and economic waves) careers of all important directors, the lecture took more than two hours, even though it had been planed for ninety minutes only. Despite of Sedláček’s reminder that the audience were “allowed to leave”, no one escaped before the end.

Mamas and Papas

Incoming visitors of the SFS are more and more obvious. The cinemas are getting fuller and the interest in some films is so big, that it is worth to sit in the auditorium more than fifteen minutes before the films start. This was the case of the last film by Alice Nellis Mamas and Papas. The drama was introduced by Zuzana and Filip Čapek, a real couple playing spouses who, with tenacity, want to have a child. “At first I didn’t want to act with my husband, but Alice talked me over” said Zuzana Čapek. She doesn’t regret. The film was being created without a definitive screenplay and the actors liked that.

Football is not just a game

World Cup in football ended two weeks ago and that’s why this year’s SFS got “Football Fever”. The tournament was held by an African country for the first time, and what this huge event has brought and what hasn’t was the topic of discussion at Reduta, with Kim Grant, former player of the National team of Ghana. It was talked about what football actually means for Africa. “At first, football was supposed to discipline workers eradicated from the families. Later, football clubs became places for dissidents to meet. Football was than used as a nationalistic symbol by local chiefs. Football has always had wide political and social relations” said Tomáš Lindner from Respekt.

First lection about Icelandic film

Master Classes are in operation again. Hrafn Gunnlaugsson, famous for his Viking trilogy When the Raven Flies, Shadow of the Raven and The White Viking, was first film-maker who presented his work. “Before shooting I saw all Viking films, but the problem is that Vikings are usually grotesque characters in them. To avoid that I was studying films by Ford and Kurosawa. But the biggest inspiration were Icelandic sagas as they were narrated” said the director.
He also added proved experience: “The most important thing is to know, how to end your film, because there is supposed to be its message. And if you are sure what you do, never listen to people with great ideas, actors in particular. Because there are different films in their heads. That’s what Bergman told me.”

Electromagnetic Chaplin

Another delicacy by section Film and Live Music was Charlie Chaplin’s most famous (and his very first feature) film Kid, which is well-known for its mixing of Chaplin’s accurate humour with unexpected set of sad emotions. The film’s projection at Hvězda cinema was accompanied by Mythematica, “ambient electromagnetic circus around Dan Špaček”, who was awarded Anděl Award in the category of electronic music. From the buzz that was heard from the audience when leaving the cinema it was clear that the music was picked very well.

Academy Award on Main Street

Projection of famous drama by Ján Kadár and Elmar Klos Shop on Main Street was initiated by projection of rare three minutes long shot, in which Kadár gets the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film in Los Angeles from Gregory Peck’s hands (from today’s point of view it is very surprising/spicy that his way to the stage was accompanied by Czechoslovak anthem. The statuette (together with the golden globe and the protector of Kadár’s estate Jiří Menšík) was on the stage… although not entirely. Menšík seeks for the authentic one for six years, so he brought a not related statuette from 1934 (which is a real rarity, because it is forbidden to trade with statuettes from 1950 and younger – too bad for the collectors).
Juraj Herz, today’s classic and assistant director of those times came too, to remember about the dynamics of this director couple (although Herz didn’t actually want to call them a couple): “Kadár was a special man, Klos was an officer (…) I am not saying that as a prosecutor of Klos, but as a defender of Kadár.

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