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Daily news - 28.7.2010

TV news about the Summer Film School – every evening on channel ČT2. Today’s here.

Tanned Scotsman is no good

The audience of the SFS can enjoy Ken Loach five times today – four times at cinema and once at his Masterclass. “Loach’s” day has begun with his another social drama from Scotland Sweet Sixteen. Its subject-matter started coming up during shooting My Name is Joe. “There is a football team composed of guys from weaning centers in the film. We felt that their story is worth telling” said the director. Sweet Sixteen took its place in a small town near Glasgow. “The saddest thing about local situation is that the best shops turned into sun tanning studios. That’s because you can invest money from drugs in them and there is no way to trace it up. People are very pale in north Britain but in here they look like they just came back from Caribbean.”

How people from the north Island live

Everybody who attended today’s two shows by Icelandic film-maker and cinematographic publicist Ásgrímur Sverrisson now knows a little about the situation of film in his country. At first Sverrisson went through the history of their film in Reduta in the morning and by a lecture he offered an insight into today’s situation before the projection of White Night Wedding by Baltasar Kormákur.
He claims that the situation has changed since 2000 when the elderly film-makers stopped shooting and young blood got on-stage (above all AS punctuated Dagur Kári, Valdís Óskarsdottir, Olaf de Fleur Johannesson, Ragnar Bragason and – already mentioned Kormáku). Another important thing was that “in 2005 we started to get money from the state and until 2008 – when the economic crisis begun – volume of the production was increasing.”

Rounded Otakáro

Otakáro Schmidt celebrated his fiftieth birthday in Hradiště. Before projection of his film Eliska Loves It Wild the president of ACFK Petr Korč wished him only the best in another fifty years. In the introduction to this eleven years old “psychedelic film weaved from childhood and dreams” Schmidt revealed that he was in military service in Hradiště, but only for two months – than he was dismissed because of stomach neurosis, and he asked the audience to be broadminded while watching the film ranked in section Wild Nineties. Whoever missed the film can buy it on DVD.

An Englishman versus Polák

One of the highlights of this year’s SFS is with no doubt the visit of English celebrity Ken Loach who presented his film Looking for Eric at Hvězda cinema in the evening. But before that he took The Annual ACFK award from hands of Karol Polák, legendary sportsperson, who impounded most of the introduction (which more or less divided the audience into halves – one was excited and the other one was, well…not excited) among other things with a singing interlude and a tale about how he commented football world cup. It was at the beginning of his career, in 1966, the final match was England vs. Germany, and the referee (influenced by experiences from Stalingrad) ruled against the Germans in a crucial moment. Loach afterwards said that “it is an honour to meet someone who symbolizes football as much as Mr. Polák does.” And then, with a lot of exaggeration, he added a few words about the story of the match Mr. Polák had said: “I have to admit that English football is no good these days. But every time someone claimed that we could have said one thing – 1966. And now I got to know that we didn’t actually win… so this night changed from triumph into tragedy.”

Film School during the whole year

In Reduta there was a discussion about setting film education into other schools than the SFS in Hradiště. Markéta Pastorová from the Research Institute of Education presented conception that wants to establish arts and culture as a peculiar field of general education. “The conception should be published on web page of the Ministry of Education within a week so that schools can be inspired” she said. Marián Oravec than reported what the Ministry of Culture thinks about issues of film education. There were several personalities in the auditorium – Rudol Adler from FAMU, Petr Bilík – pedagogue from the Faculty of Arts in Olomouc and Linda Arbanová from Aeroškola.

Master Loach and his Masterclass

Ken Loach showed that he really is a star in Hradiště during his Masterclass in packed Reduta. The audience got to know what important things for the director are – authentic dialect and lights, soft music and that it is the best not to give the screenplay to actors until a few days before the shooting – otherwise they loose they spontaneity. This Masterclass was ended with a discussion, which is what social engaged film-maker likes. “That’s what this is about, communication, that’s why films are made. I try to make them as thoughtful as I can and I want the audience to take something from them. I don’t want to talk about how much the film cost or how I made the shots, I want to talk about motifs and topics of the film with the audience. Film should be transparent and every reason that made you shoot it should be obvious.”

Icelander in New York

Icelandic director Dagur Kári who became very popular thanks to his tragicomedies said goodbye to the SFS today in the evening. He presented his newest film The Good Heart that was shot in English with famous actors (Paul Dano and Brian Cox). “On Iceland I call and ask an actor if he wants to act and when the answer is yes, it means yes. Things are more difficult in the USA – the actors are surrounded by agents and when they say yes you sometimes find out that it meant no after six months. But the moment actors got the screenplay in their hands problems were solved”, Kári was describing. Screenplay of The Good Heart was written in few years influenced by sitcoms. “I like very art films, but they are taken too seriously and I like sitcoms, but they look terrible. I want to connect the two genres.”

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