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Daily news - 29.7.2010

TV news about the Summer Film School – every evening on channel ČT2. Today’s here.

How to digitalize cinema

There is no way to stop advancement. That’s what they know at the SFS where film digitalization has been discussed for two days. Digitalization has been in progress in Czech cinemas too and Petr Vítek, a famous expert and keeper of , was talking about how its situation is. “Although quite late begun, thanks to the support from The National Fund digitalization has been going pretty fast. At the moment 78 cinemas are digitalized while 71 of them having 3D equipment, which is the mover of Czech digitalization.” Vítek advised cinema owners to consider conditions of their cinema, its economics and technical accessories and to listen to the other owners with experience. For instance to keepers of cinemas in Jablonec nad Nisou and Vsetín, who were participating in the discussion too.

Principal and director

The SFS welcomed another guest this afternoon – Robert Gliński. Polish director came in time to participate in debate after projection of his drama All That Really Matters. It is Gliński’s first movie by which he got back to film world (that he was forced to leave after his debut Sunday Pranks about Stalinism was forbidden). “The screenplay was written by a student of mine. As well as the screenplay for Piggies – that was as a credit work” Gliński revealed that sometimes it is not bad to be a principal of the National Film School in Lodz.

Cinema owners versus distributors

Marathon of lectures and discussions about digitalization didn’t stop in the evening – that’s when cinema owners and distributors begun their discussion. They were talking a lot – at first about prices of tickets and about differences between multiplexes and cinemas with one hall only. Sometimes they got to talk about digitalization of cinemas and film copies that has been happening. “Our first digital film is Mr. Nobody. We offered its digital copy multiplexes but they didn’t want it because they are projecting Shrek in digitalized halls; they said they wanted 35mm copy. But we need it for those film clubs that hasn’t gone through digitalization” set an example of today’s situation Petr Korč from AČFK.

Please the Kubásek

Lovely oddness by Václav Kubásek from 1923 Galgin’s Mysterious Case is definitely one of the most interesting parts of section Film and Live Music. The film was thought to be lost until a copy of it was founded. It must have been used to be projected to fellow countrymen in the USA and probably not only to them because it contains both Czech and English subtitles (their obsoleteness was sometimes a reason for laugh through the audience). Music part of the show was played by Please the Trees.

They did score!

Traditional football match (this time more likely double-match) that begun near Hvězda cinema after 3 PM today had extended importance. Thanks to football section Karel Polák, Slovak super-commentator, was present and upgraded the event by a commentary, (in despite of occasional failures of the mike) combining a veteran’s skill with summer stylish grossness.
That was used especially in the second match in which attractive ladies’ team from the SFS (called FC Higher Girl’s) against their man’s rivals (playing under the flag of Knedlo, vepřo, vuvuzelo). “Girls” eventually – thanks to their power play and to their famous circumferential visual sense) won 2:1. Congratulations and together with Mr.Polák we salivate when remembering about your warm-up exercise!

Satan’s Tango

Projection of Satan’s Tango, the longest film by Hungarian individuality Béla Tarr, was started at Slovácké Theatre at 5 PM. Because the projection will be ended roughly in March 2011, now we have no idea how many people will leave, how many will fall asleep and how many will turn into Satanists. Let’s hope that the rest of the audience will be challenged to intellectually-emotional dances by “long camera’s rides in which time is compressed into tension”.

Mr. Somebody, prizewinner of ACFK award

Today’s interest in Bunny and the Bull and Mr. Nobody showed how heavily are the audience influenced by trailers projected (often for several times) before projections. Mr. Nobody has been in cinemas since the middle of July, but the line of people who intended to come and watch it was at Hvězda cinema one hour before the projection. The film wasn’t presented by its director Jaco Van Dormael, who was at the SFS last year, but there was a moment of celebration. František Šmahel from Film Club in Ústí nad Labem was awarded the Annual AČFK Award that is annually handed to one worthy man. Mr. Šmahel was taking care of depositary of classic film copies; he got the statuette symbolically before projection of the first digitalized film distributed by AČFK. “We are witnesses of destroying people’s psyche in the name of advance. But film can join nations. Viva Summer Film School, enjoy film” said the new prizewinner.

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