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In here we will present profiles of guests whose attendance at the Summer Film School is confirmed.

A guest of cycle Spectrum: New Latin Film

He is one of directors who brought revolution in the ways of narration as well as new view of reality into Argentinean film in the beginning of the century. Not only is Lisandro Alonso often searched as a festival director, he is also a leading personality of the new Argentinean wave. His three last films (The Dead, Fantasma, Liverpool) were presented at the International Film Festival in Cannes. All his films will be presented at the SFS. The director will lead a masterclass during which the audience will be able to get to know his specific style of work.

A guest of cycle Visegrad Horizon

Ivan Fíla is one of half-forgotten figure of contemporary Czech film. The author, whose work is divided between the Czech Republic and Germany, will present his two feature films (Lea, the King of the Thieves) and a selection of his documentary which observes the affairs of the velvet revolution.


A guest of cycle Focus: Island
At the SFS 29.7. – 1.8.

Worldwide most recognized Icelandic film director, who has become the personification and “the father-founder” of modern Icelandic cinematography during three decades of his artistic career. The beginnings of his work goes back to the eighties, world break-through was the success of his film Children of Nature followed by another positively accepted films Cold Fever and Angels of the Universe. Fridriksson’s retrospective at the SFS will remind not only of his most famous films, but will present his less know works from the eighties too.

A guest of cycle Unknown Rainer Werner Fassbinder
At the SFS 23.7. – 24.7.

A well-known photographer, who also directed several feature films (we will present his picture Girls, Girls at the SFS). He was an assistant of a classic of world cinematography Luchino Visconti (the Leopard), acted in Peckinpah’s Cross of Iron and, above all, worked with Rainer Werner Fassbinder (as an actor in films Lili Marleen and Querelle and in series Berlin, Alexander square). At the SFS Fritz will present an exhibition of rare large-format photos about working with Fassbinder and of several photographic portraits.

A guest of cycle Visegrad Horizon

Robert Gliński is famous for his medium-long film Niedzielne igraszki which was created in the early eighties. He proved, by presenting his other films, that he is definitely one of the most distinct film-makers of the middle generation in Poland. Nowadays he works as the president of film school in Lodz. SFS 2010 will present representative retrospective of most of Gliński’s films.

A guest of cycle Focus: Iceland

This film-maker is considered to be the father of modern Icelandic film, because his so-called “Viking trilogy” was the first film project of Icelandic film that got known worldwide. Gunnlaugsson’s Viking films (When the Raven Flies, The Shade of the Raven and The White Viking) are inspired not only by Nordic sagas but also by films by Akira Kurosaw and Sergio Leone.


A guest of cycles AČFK presents and Hungarian Horizon
At the SFS 1.8. – 2.8.

One of the most progressive contemporary Hungarian directors has so far made four feature films. Great success was particularly his film White Palms from 2006. In this year Hajdu finished film Smooth Operator that was presented at big European festivals and was purchased into Czech distribution by the Association of Czech Film Clubs. Szabolcs Hajdu will present the Czech premiere of the film at the SFS.

A guest of cycle Focus: Iceland

This Paris native is a director who represents the youngest generation of Icelandic film. He has already created three feature films and has been awarded more than twenty prizes at big festivals. After amazing success of his debut The Albino named Noi Kári directed film Outsider, which was accepted very well too. His last film The Good Heart was made in American production with actors Brian Cox and Paul Dano.

A guest of cycle Football Fever and Retrospectives
At the SFS 27.7 – 29.7.

Loach is a legendary maker of socially-critical films that oscillate around his essential topics, which are social inequality in native England, illegal workers, unemployment and immigration. Loach’s remarkably balanced filmography is typical for its emphasis on realism of displayed situations and film main characters. Ken Loach is one of most valued world directors – he was awarded more than 60 prizes including Golden Palm from Cannes Film Festival (2006, for his film The Wind that Shakes the Barley), prizes from prestigious festivals in Venice and Berlin and European Film Award for lifetime contribution to cinematography. At the SFS 2010 Ken Loach will present a selection of his films that were made together with Loach’s screenwriter Paul Laverty. In the section Football Fever his film Looking for Eric will be presented and the director will talk (not only) about filming this picture in his author’s Film Lectures.

A guest of cycle Football Fever
At the SFS 23.7. – 1.8.

German film historian and publicist who deals with films with football motifs for some decades and contributes to prestigious film periodicals Film Comment and Senses of Cinema. Olaf Möller will visit the SFS for the second time. During this year’s festival he will present several films with football theme and he will meet the audience during his lecture on the topic of “Transformation of film display of football fan in European film from the eighties to present”.

A guest of cycle Focus: Iceland
At SFS 27.7. – 1.8.

On Iceland Sverrisson is engaged in many fields that have something to do with film: as the director he participated in narrative picture Dramarama, he wrote several screenplays and is the editor of film magazine Land & Synir and of website about Icelandic film Iceland Cinema Now. He was also a founder member of Icelandic film awards EDDA and is a member of Icelandic film and television academy. At the SFS he will conduct section Focus: Iceland by his prefaces and lectures.


A guest of cycle Slovak Horizon
At the SFS 25.7. – 29.7.
Stanislav Szomolányi is a legendary Slovak camera operator who participated in many films that belong to the best film ever made in Czechoslovak cinematography: his extraordinary camera handwriting can be seen in films The Sun in the Web, The Miraculous Virgin, Organ and Three Daughters. Stanislav Szomolányi will be awarded with a prize for lifetime contribution to cinematography; he will present some of his films and will share his experience he was having with bohemia football player George Best while making documentary film Football as Never Before.

A guest of cycle Visegrad Horizon

Hungarian film director Béla Tarr is for many viewers the last big film philosopher who continues in the work of big film-makers such as Carl Theodor Dreyer, Ingmar Bergman and Andrej Tarkovskij. Tarr’s complete retrospective will show the audience the unique context of his work linked to his extreme change-over from documentary style he was using in his early films to perfect visual style of top metaphysical late films.

A guest of cycle Polish Horizon

Designer, stage designer and director of animated films Mariusz Wilczyński was not exhibiting his works only in Poland, but he even had individual retrospective in prestigious The Museum of Modern Art in New York – he has become the first (and so far the only one) Polish animator who did so. He is also the first Polish author of animation whose films were presented in famous The National Gallery of London. Nowadays he works as a teacher at recently established Department of Animation at film school in Lodz.

A guest of cycle Football Fever
At SFS 27.7. – 31-7.

Williams is a sociologist at British University of Leicester, who exclusively specializes in the theme of sociology of football fans. Williams is author of many articles and paper on this topic and is one of the greatest experts of the world as far as sociological analysis of individual and mass behavior of football fans and hooligans is concerned. At the SFS John Williams will present several football films and will show the audience sociological analysis of both real and film football fan during his lectures.




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