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New face + new program concept = SFS 2010!

The Summer Film School has been since always perceived as an innovative festival which is not based on competitive sections or red carpets, unlike other festivals. From the clear emphasis on a concrete “big” topic which was dominative in the whole years (2001 – Film and Erotic, 2003 – Film and Death, 2004 – Film and Childhood), led by Pavel Bednařík SFS tends to focus on more obvious segmentation of the program, on emphasis on lines and motivations of the selection of particular cycles, films and guests.

This year we are about to present new image of program cycles, copying the focus of SFS as an important cultural event, which supports more sensitive perception of film as art and as a social phenomenon. First of all there is geographic segmentation, which is narrowed down by focusing on particular areas – some sections are focused in topical trends, others introduce personalities, topics and spheres from history of cinematography. The Association of Czech Film Clubs is there presented separately – as a major distributer of classic and art films.

“New image of the program and its schedule is a result of long-time audience experience together with two-year dramaturgical practice. I am delighted that we succeed in joining demandingness of the audience together with attractiveness and partnership of prestigious domestic and foreign institutions. The greatest motif of ours is firstly consistency as a criteria, which supports feeling film as an irreplaceable phenomenon and as full-value artistic form of the twenty-first century” says Pavel Bednařík, art director of the SFS.

New program conception counts with six sections, which are repeated every year: Fokus offers us a deep look at the development and trends typical of particular national cinematography (individual cycles present personalities, topics and trends typical for the cinematography). Spektrum presents topical trends and themes of world cinematography. Inventura forms the focus and specialty of SFS – it presents archive and classic films in film-makers’ retrospectives and in chapters from the history of film. Motto of this section is “from archives back to cinemas!”

Visegrad Horizon is the cinematographic meeting-point of the four countries of former Visegrad Group. This section refers to legends and talents of national cinematographies, it also valuates the past year of film production in the four countries (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary). The section ACFC presents reminds that Association of czech film clubs as the organizer of SFS is irreplaceable on Czech distributional market and that SFS is an especial place for presenting film reprises, premieres and previews of films heading for Czech distribution (with guests). Lastly, there is Special Presentation, which is the area for special type of projections that can not be included in other cycles.



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