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Summer Film School program team

Authors of the new dramaturgical conception are especially art director of the Association of Czech Film Clubs (ACFC) Pavel Bednařík, together with a close dramaturgical team formed by the head programmers David Čeněk and Jan Jílek. Program of the Summer Film School (SFS), however, is created together with a number of dramaturges and advisers who cooperate to create particular cycles and retrospectives.

“New image of the program and its schedule is a result of long-time audience experience together with two-year dramaturgical practice. I am delighted that we succeed in joining demandingness of the audience together with attractiveness and partnership of prestigious domestic and foreign institutions. The greatest motif of ours is firstly consistency as a criteria, which supports feeling film as an irreplaceable phenomenon and as full-value artistic form of the twenty-first century”, says Pavel Bednařík, art director of the SFS.

David Čeněk, head programmer, comments on the new dramaturgical conception as follows: “For the first time in history of SFS well arranged schedule of the program has been created. Film is no longer dealt with as a social phenomenon (which can mean anything). At the same time, we can see long-term effort to create a platform in Uherské Hradiště, which could be a good starting point for recovery of domestic film and, last but not least, it could offer the opportunity to acquainted with film as one kind of art especially to young audience.”

Jan Jílek, the second head programmer of SFS, adds: “Firmly applied basic blocks of the festival program give us the chance to work conceptually in relation to following years of SFS and it gets us close to similarly focused European film exhibitions that have clearly set structure of their program too (for instance CPH:Pix in Copenhagen, Era New Horizons in Wroclaw and the International Film Festival in Ljubljana). The final appearance of the program is a result of dramaturgical work initiated in 2008 and brings to the audience better arranged program that used to be rather over-full and hard to handle. “


Profiles of head programmers

Pavel Bednařík (*1980)
He comes from Přerov, graduated at Grammar School in Otrokovice and got a degree from Film Studies – Philosophy at the Department of Theatre, Film and Media Studies at Palacký University in Olomouc. He cooperated with several festivals – Academia film Olomouc, the Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival, Festival of Film Animation, International Flora Theatre Festival, and other. He became a co-founder of film club PASTICHE FILMZ in Olomouc in 2002. He is an expert at ideology and at options of ideological analysis in cinematography.

David Čeněk (*1973)
He got a degree from Spanish language and French language at Pedagogical Faculty of the University of South Bohemia. Then he graduated from Film Studies at the Faculty of Arts at Charles University in Prague, where he teaches nowadays. From 1999 he was (as a program dramaturge) concerned with many exhibitions and festivals (for instance the Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival, International Film Festival Prague, One World, Archive Film Seminar, …). He has worked at SFS since 2001. He focuses especially on social and economic history of French, Spanish, Latin and African film as well as on visual anthropology.

Jan Jílek (*1982)
He comes from Hradec Králové, got a degree from Czech Philology – Film Studies at Philosophical Faculty at Palacký University in Olomouc. He was co-operating with Czech film festivals (Academia Film Olomouc, Festival of Film Animation), with film clubs and scholarly domestic periodicals (A2, Host, Aluze, Týden). He has co-operated with SFS since 2006. He focuses on the topic of cognitive perception of film and graphic photos. He became Czech champion of slam poetry in 2008.



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